Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You hittin hoods, we hittin states

A Nice Little Compilation put together by Cool Dre with artists like Tupac, Kurupt, Master P, Layzie Bone and JT The Bigga Figga. Cool Dre also played apart in the Above The Law compilation "Lawhouse Ex- perience".

A track that really stands out for me is You're All Alone by the group Purge. I don't know much about them. If anyone has anything on them, let me know.

Track Listing:

1-Cool Intro Skit(f. Goldie/Mr. Wugg/Ryan X/DVS)
2-Cool Dre's Anthem(f. Lyrox/Mr. Wugg/Cherch/Q-Ikon/Goldie/George Laurano Jr/One Punch/King Arthur Clark/Cool Dre)
3-Throw Your Hands up(Tupac)
5-Cool Groove Skit(f. Ryanx/Goldie/Mr. Wugg/DVS)
6-Don't Be Shy(Portrait)
7-You Know The Drill(Kreatures Of Habit)
8-Cool's Talk Skit(f. Goldie/Ryan X/DVS/Mr. Wugg)
9-Cool Dre World Wide Evolution(f. Mr. Wugg/Goldie/Booggy/Cherch/King Arthur Clark/Cool Dre)
10-Why Should I(Kurupt)
11-Can U Make Me(f. Goldie/Booggy)
12-Free Your Mind(Gold/Layzie Bone/Mo Thugs)
13-I Want To Fuck U(f. Cool Dre/Ms. Sade/Ryan X)
14-Frustration(Mr. Wugg)
15-He Say She Say(MokenStef)
16-How You Wanna Ride(Lyrox)
17-You're All Alone(Purge)
19-Playaz & Hustlaz(f. Lil Ric/Master P/JT The Bigga Figga)

Hits 4 The New Millenium

You ain't got a job..

Produced by Ice Cube, the Friday soundtrack has lots of west coast artists and tight bass lines. Some stand out tracks are Friday, Keep Their Heads Ringin', Roll It up.., and Superhoes.

I'm a big fan of Ice Cube and all of his works, so if anybody needs me to upload any of his albums let me know.

Track Listing:
1-Ice Cube-Friday
2-Dr. Dre- Keep Their Heads Ringin'
3-Scarface-Friday Night
4-Threat-Lettin' Niggas Know
5-Cypress Hill-Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up
6-Mack 10-Take A Hit
7-The Isley Brothers-Tryin' To See Another Day
8-Bootsy Collins And Bernie Worrell-You Got Me Wide Open
9-Rick James-Mary Jane
10-Rose Royce-I Wanna Get Next To You
12-The Alkaholiks-Coast II Coast
13-E-A-Ski-Blast If I Have To
14-2 Live Crew-Hoochie Mama
15-Roger-I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Friday Soundtrack
Long time Wu-Tang Clan member U-God released his first solo effort back in 1999 titled "Golden Arms Redemp- tion". Although he has been with Wu as long as he has, he is not recognized as much as other Wu-Tang MCs.

After several disputes with The Clan and RZA particularly, U-God has appeared to make ammends with his fellow clansmen.

Track Listing:
1-Enter U-God
3-Glide(f. Leatha Face)
4-Dat's Gangsta
5-Soul Dazzle
7-Rumble(f. Leatha Face/Inspectah Deck/Method Man)
8-Pleasure Or Pain(f. Hell Razah)
9-Stay In Your Lane
10-Shell Shock(f. Leatha Face/Raekwon/Hell Razah)
11-Lay Down
13-Turbo Charge
14-Knockin' At Your Door(f. Leatha Face)
15-Night The City Cried

Golden Arms Redemption

Originally known as the Crime Syndicate. Started by members Joe Mafia, Myalansky and Napolean. They changed their name to Wu- Syndicate to link them to Wu-Tang Records. In 2002, Joe Mafia released a solo album called "This One".

There is word that they will be releasing a new Syndicate album after they both finish doing jail time.

Track Listing:
1-Thug War(f. Napolean)
2-Point' Fingers
3-Global Politics(f. 12 O'Clock/Napolean)
4-VA Cats
5-Metropolis(Joe Mafia)
6-Golden Sands
7-Crime Syndicate(f. Napolean)
8-Where Was Heaven(Myalansky)
9-Ice Age(f. Napolean)
10-Ghetto Syringe(f. 12 O'Clock/Napolean)
11-Young Brothas
12-Weary Eyes(f. Napolean)
13-Muzzle Toe
14-Ask Son
15-Wings Of Life
17-Bust A Slug(Joe Mafia/Trigga/KGB)
18-The Hit(f. Napolean)


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's An S.C.C. Thang

With the guidance and excellent production of South Central Cartel's Prode'je, Murder Squad produced their first album to date, Murder- squad Nationwide. Needless to say, this album can be described with one word, classic.

Featured artists; Havoc & Prode'je, Chi-Lites, Ice-T, Spice 1, Ant Banks, Boss, Treach, L.V, G-Nut, Big Mike, Tre-Duce, Sh'Killa, Young Murder Squad and others.

Track Listing:
1-It's An S.C.C Thang
2-G Slide
3-No Peace
4-Ghetto Got Me Shadey
5-Gun Smoke
6-Pass Da Dank
7-Knock On Wood
8-On Dat Ass
9-187 Squad
10-Who's Da Star
11-Why Must G'z
12-Straight Honey Made

SCC Presents Murder Squad Nationwide

Representing the Bronx

In 1998, Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz decided to team up as a duo, resulting in their debut album, Make It Reign. The single "deja vu" received much recognition in the hip hop main- stream, some even saying it contained some of the freshest lyrics for a while.

Appearances from hip hop heavy weights such as; Kurupt, Sticky Fingaz, Cam'Ron, Fat Joe and Big Pun helped promote record sales as well.

Track Listing:
1-Make it Reign
2-We Will Ball
3-Massive Heat(f. Kurupt/Sticky Fingaz)
4-Sex, Money, Life, Or Death Interlude
5-One Life To Live
6-Fiesta(f. Will Tracks)
7-Then & Now Interlude
8-Startin' Somethin'(f. Chauncey Black)
9-A Night In The Bronx With Lord & Gunz(f. 1 Accord)
10-Who Am I
11-Deja Vu(Uptown Baby)
12-Keep On
14-Streets To Da Stage(f. Cam'Ron)
15-BX Most Wanted Interlude
16-Cross Bronx Expressway(f. Fat Joe & Big Punisher)
17-Precipitation Interlude)
18-My Time To Go(f. 1 Accord)

Make It Reign

I don't fear losin life, cause life just lost me

Coming from Houstan, Texas, the Geto Boys have left their distinctive mark on the hip hop industry. With their murderous, yet comedic lyrics, this quadruple threat which consists of; Scarface, Bushwick Bill, Willy D and Ganksta Nip turned heads nation wide.

Consisting of Geto Boy classics, re-makes, and bonus cuts from their upcoming album, "Til Death Do Us Part" which featured Big Mike.

Track Listing:
1-Do It Like It Go
3-Mind Of A Lunatic
4-My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me
5-Size Ain't
6-The Unseen
7-And My Word
9-Action Speaks Louder Than Words
10-Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta
12-Gotta Let Them Hang

Uncut Dope: Geto Boys Best

Siccmade Muzicc

As another prodigy of Brotha Lynch Hung, Fig Naytion does a nice job with his freshman album. Although he is not the epitome of a skilled lyricist, his rhymes fit quite well with the layed back west coast beats. Phonk Beta and Brotha Lynch don't dissapoint on the production either.

Guest apperances include; Brotha Lynch Hung, Skee 64, Phonk Beta, C.O.S, and the Swartzaniggaz.

Track Listing:
1-R U Ready?(f. Brotha Lynch Hung)
2-Theze Streets We Roam
3-It Makes Me think(f. JohnnieSide)
4-The Show(f. Nick)
5-Walk Ride & Die
6-Lost In Space(f. Tall Cann G)
7-Reality Base(f. Da Rellez)
8-On The Move
9-If U Fuckn Around(f. JohnnieSide)
10-If There's A Will(f. Phonk Beta)
11-Comprehend This
12-I Owe It All(f. Tall Cann G)
13-Slippn'(f. Alexis)
14-Now What(f. Skee 64/C.O.S/Mr. Imackulant)
15-Count Theze Blessnz(f. C.O.S)
16-Hungrey Man's Syndrome(f. The Swartzaniggaz)
17-That's Life(f. Da Rellez)

Naytionz Capitol

Likwit Crew

Tash, a.k.a. Catash- trophe, proves he means business with his solo appearance Rap Life which hit the scene in 1999. Being an Alkoholiks fan for a long time now, I had high expect- ations for Tash's first solo release. To say the least, I was not let down.

With appearances from DPG's Kurupt, Wu-Tang's Raekwon, all the way to a few words from hip hop legend Ice-T, Rap Life showcases Tash's skills in the fullest.

So for any fan of the Liks, Rap Life would be a great addition to your collection, don't sleep on it.

Rap Life

Monday, January 29, 2007

Graveyard Soldjas

Graveyard Soldjas established themselves early on in the southern rap scene. After their poorly distributed albums "Day of Execution" and "Cut Throat City" were released, they were voted by Rap Pages as one of the top 5 acts in Louisiana.

Cash Money's Juvenile lent a helping hand by producing several tracks and appearing on their next album, "3 Time Losers".

After working with a multi-platinum artist they wanted to represent New Orleans to the fullest. GYS hopes their efforts will help bridge the sound in the "big easy".

Track Listing:
1-Thugs On Flood(f. Trinday)
2-C.T.C To Tha UPT(f. 7 Figgaz)
3-Sex, Money, & Drugs
4-Trouble Maker
5- R.I.P. Anthony Barber
6-Which Way 2 Go?(f. Toney Bay)
7-Soldjas, Breathers, & Riders(f. Mr. Sleep/Toney Bay)
8-Red Rum
9-Smell Me?(f. Night Creeper)
10-C.T.C(f. C-Style)
11-In My World
12-Bad Bitch
13-Shake Something
14-City Streetz
15-Let Me Breath(f. Monsta)
16-Watch What U Say(f. Blue Chip/GAT'A)

Cut Throat City

This shit is on, I got love for the blocc

After hearing the Doc for the first time on Brotha Lynch's Season of Siccness album, I knew he had talent. Little did I know that I would be blown away by the overall sound and delivery of Setripn' Bloccstyle. However, some of his later release would not live up to this masterpiece debut.

Even though this may never get the recognition it deserves, it still holds it's own as a mid 90s, west coast classic.

Setripn' Bloccstyle

Kickin' Off

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