Monday, January 29, 2007

Graveyard Soldjas

Graveyard Soldjas established themselves early on in the southern rap scene. After their poorly distributed albums "Day of Execution" and "Cut Throat City" were released, they were voted by Rap Pages as one of the top 5 acts in Louisiana.

Cash Money's Juvenile lent a helping hand by producing several tracks and appearing on their next album, "3 Time Losers".

After working with a multi-platinum artist they wanted to represent New Orleans to the fullest. GYS hopes their efforts will help bridge the sound in the "big easy".

Track Listing:
1-Thugs On Flood(f. Trinday)
2-C.T.C To Tha UPT(f. 7 Figgaz)
3-Sex, Money, & Drugs
4-Trouble Maker
5- R.I.P. Anthony Barber
6-Which Way 2 Go?(f. Toney Bay)
7-Soldjas, Breathers, & Riders(f. Mr. Sleep/Toney Bay)
8-Red Rum
9-Smell Me?(f. Night Creeper)
10-C.T.C(f. C-Style)
11-In My World
12-Bad Bitch
13-Shake Something
14-City Streetz
15-Let Me Breath(f. Monsta)
16-Watch What U Say(f. Blue Chip/GAT'A)

Cut Throat City


oneforwill said...

Thank You for this!, i like to hear artists i don't know...

And Long Life for your blog!!

RipTheJacker said...

Will, I appreciate what you have done for my hip hop collection, so I am hoping I can do the same for you, as well as others.

It's amazing what you can find if you kill a few hours looking through a used cd bin.

Thanks for the comments.