Wednesday, February 13, 2008

RipMix 1

Decided to try something a little bit different here. If I get any good feedback I'll possibly make another. I know I'm going to be bumpin' this in my Ford Escort, heh...

Track Listing:

Poppa Doo - Cum Up
Blak Cezr - Put In Some Work
Doomsday Production - Night Stalka
4 Deep - Don't It Blow Ya Mind
OC/Organized Konfusion - You Won't Go Far
Mr. Doctor - No Bitch
Spice 1 - You Can Get The Gat For That
Spice 1 - Bustas Can't See Me
Blak Cezr - Sick As A Bitch
E.C. Illa - Devistate
4 Deep - I Warned Ya
Graveyard Soldjas - Sites
J-Dubb - Murda

Download RipMix 1