Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Player Inc


Track Listing:

1-The Game
2-What Goes Around
4-Spit A Little Game
5-Players Get Lonely
6-Young Hood
7-Playing Ain't E-Z
8-Make Money
9-People Get Ready

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Riders - First Born

Took me a minute, but I got to update on a Monday, like I said. Again, it is in .wma format, so sorry about that little brainfart there. I'll try to remember to change that next time I rip a CD. This CD isn't bad, not great, but it's alright despite their age. Check it out, probably not the rarest CD, but it's still worthwhile of a listen or two.

Hometown? (got tired of looking)
Track Listing:
1-Intro f. Pimpin Ken, J.D.
2-Purse First, Ass Last f. Young Buck, Bun B
3-Tell Me A Nigga
4-We Gonna Make It f. Shannon Sanders
5-Tru Soldiers f. Papa Rue
6-Keep It Gangsta f. Willie D
7-Hard Hitters f. Young Buck, D-Tay
8-All My Life f. Young Buck
9-Ridin On Dubs
10-Cradle To The Grave
11-Child Of War
12-Caught In The Wind f. Young Buck, 50
13-Pray For Me f. Joi
15-Keep It PI f. D-Smoov
16-Outro f. Pimpin Ken, J.D.