Thursday, May 31, 2007

Heeeere's johnny

Ok, after taking 3 months off, I've got some tight shit to share with all y'all. Most of my CDs are in the wrong case and that, so it's going to take a minute to get that shit sorted out. But in the meantime, here is a CD that was actually in it's proper case.

This is the best album art I could find, seeing as how my webcam doesn't want to work for me any more. Might be able to get the little fucker working again once I hook up my own computer... But I'm a pretty lazy dude, so I most likely won't be doing that for while.

And next time I'll try to remember to rip it to mp3 format, this 1 is .wma... But I really don't have the time or patience to rip it again, so better luck next time. Anyway, enjoy.


Track Listing:

2-Filthy Rich
4-In The Ghetto
5-Nasty Skit
6-How U Like It f. Gangsta Boo
10-Day By Day
11-Paper Chase
14-Love My Niggaz
15-Work f. Naughty By Nature, Castro
16-Look What You Made Us
17-Nuttin' To Prove
18-Fist Full Of Dank
19-Song For Dubb

fucking thing wont let me put that link as "Download Hustla'z Heaven", the fuck is that all about?