Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You hittin hoods, we hittin states

A Nice Little Compilation put together by Cool Dre with artists like Tupac, Kurupt, Master P, Layzie Bone and JT The Bigga Figga. Cool Dre also played apart in the Above The Law compilation "Lawhouse Ex- perience".

A track that really stands out for me is You're All Alone by the group Purge. I don't know much about them. If anyone has anything on them, let me know.

Track Listing:

1-Cool Intro Skit(f. Goldie/Mr. Wugg/Ryan X/DVS)
2-Cool Dre's Anthem(f. Lyrox/Mr. Wugg/Cherch/Q-Ikon/Goldie/George Laurano Jr/One Punch/King Arthur Clark/Cool Dre)
3-Throw Your Hands up(Tupac)
5-Cool Groove Skit(f. Ryanx/Goldie/Mr. Wugg/DVS)
6-Don't Be Shy(Portrait)
7-You Know The Drill(Kreatures Of Habit)
8-Cool's Talk Skit(f. Goldie/Ryan X/DVS/Mr. Wugg)
9-Cool Dre World Wide Evolution(f. Mr. Wugg/Goldie/Booggy/Cherch/King Arthur Clark/Cool Dre)
10-Why Should I(Kurupt)
11-Can U Make Me(f. Goldie/Booggy)
12-Free Your Mind(Gold/Layzie Bone/Mo Thugs)
13-I Want To Fuck U(f. Cool Dre/Ms. Sade/Ryan X)
14-Frustration(Mr. Wugg)
15-He Say She Say(MokenStef)
16-How You Wanna Ride(Lyrox)
17-You're All Alone(Purge)
19-Playaz & Hustlaz(f. Lil Ric/Master P/JT The Bigga Figga)

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BULLANT said...

I thought I had this but can't find it now that I look?

I've put your link up on our blog, if your keen for the swap it'll be appreciated.


RipTheJacker said...

For sure man, I'll add it right now.