Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Siccmade Muzicc

As another prodigy of Brotha Lynch Hung, Fig Naytion does a nice job with his freshman album. Although he is not the epitome of a skilled lyricist, his rhymes fit quite well with the layed back west coast beats. Phonk Beta and Brotha Lynch don't dissapoint on the production either.

Guest apperances include; Brotha Lynch Hung, Skee 64, Phonk Beta, C.O.S, and the Swartzaniggaz.

Track Listing:
1-R U Ready?(f. Brotha Lynch Hung)
2-Theze Streets We Roam
3-It Makes Me think(f. JohnnieSide)
4-The Show(f. Nick)
5-Walk Ride & Die
6-Lost In Space(f. Tall Cann G)
7-Reality Base(f. Da Rellez)
8-On The Move
9-If U Fuckn Around(f. JohnnieSide)
10-If There's A Will(f. Phonk Beta)
11-Comprehend This
12-I Owe It All(f. Tall Cann G)
13-Slippn'(f. Alexis)
14-Now What(f. Skee 64/C.O.S/Mr. Imackulant)
15-Count Theze Blessnz(f. C.O.S)
16-Hungrey Man's Syndrome(f. The Swartzaniggaz)
17-That's Life(f. Da Rellez)

Naytionz Capitol

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