Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Long time Wu-Tang Clan member U-God released his first solo effort back in 1999 titled "Golden Arms Redemp- tion". Although he has been with Wu as long as he has, he is not recognized as much as other Wu-Tang MCs.

After several disputes with The Clan and RZA particularly, U-God has appeared to make ammends with his fellow clansmen.

Track Listing:
1-Enter U-God
3-Glide(f. Leatha Face)
4-Dat's Gangsta
5-Soul Dazzle
7-Rumble(f. Leatha Face/Inspectah Deck/Method Man)
8-Pleasure Or Pain(f. Hell Razah)
9-Stay In Your Lane
10-Shell Shock(f. Leatha Face/Raekwon/Hell Razah)
11-Lay Down
13-Turbo Charge
14-Knockin' At Your Door(f. Leatha Face)
15-Night The City Cried

Golden Arms Redemption

Originally known as the Crime Syndicate. Started by members Joe Mafia, Myalansky and Napolean. They changed their name to Wu- Syndicate to link them to Wu-Tang Records. In 2002, Joe Mafia released a solo album called "This One".

There is word that they will be releasing a new Syndicate album after they both finish doing jail time.

Track Listing:
1-Thug War(f. Napolean)
2-Point' Fingers
3-Global Politics(f. 12 O'Clock/Napolean)
4-VA Cats
5-Metropolis(Joe Mafia)
6-Golden Sands
7-Crime Syndicate(f. Napolean)
8-Where Was Heaven(Myalansky)
9-Ice Age(f. Napolean)
10-Ghetto Syringe(f. 12 O'Clock/Napolean)
11-Young Brothas
12-Weary Eyes(f. Napolean)
13-Muzzle Toe
14-Ask Son
15-Wings Of Life
17-Bust A Slug(Joe Mafia/Trigga/KGB)
18-The Hit(f. Napolean)


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