Friday, February 23, 2007

Indo G & Lil Blunt

No track info:

Hit up the comments if you can fill me in!

Download 19 Nigga 4


Anonymous said...

Yo.. here's da tracklist ;-)

01 - nigga type shit
02 - get off a nigga nuts
03 - it aint easy
04 - swws radio part 1
05 - trapped in the game
06 - m-town
07 - seven feet deep
08 - freak tha funk
09 - bootylude
10 - i see whatcha sayin
11 - gangsta walkn
12 - swws radio part 2
13 - this is for the niggas
14 - bitches aint gettin none
15 - pass it over here
16 - swws radio part 3
17 - the way it is
18 - leave them hoes alone
19 - i want you
20 - goodbye to all you suckas

Anonymous said...

ok.. it's a weird thing with the playlist and obviously different releases of this album.. i also grabbed your release on this blog because my version of the album (which is a proper "rage" release) has an awful sound quality.. in my last post u can see the tracklist of my release i have.. and i realized that your release only got 18 tracks, which also are in a different order and some tracks on my release missin' on yours and vice versa.. so i now i post the tracklist of your release with the track names of mine.. weird thing

01 - M-Town
02 - Seven Feet Deep
03 - Freak Tha Funk
04 - Bootylude
05 (Track 05)
06 (Track 06)
07 - I See Watcha Sayin'
08 - Gangsta Walkin'
09 - SWWS Radio (Part 2)
10 - This Is For The Niggas
11 - Bitches Ain't Gettin' None
12 - Pass It Over Here
13 (Track 13)
14 - Nigga Type Shit
15 - Get Off A Nigga Nuts
16 - It Ain't Easy
17 - SWWS Radio (Part 1)
18 - Trapped In The Game

as you can see Tracks 05, 06 and 13 missing on my version. And on your release, Tracks 16 to 20 are missing on yours.. could someone please help to sort things out.. ?


RipTheJacker said...

I'm not really sure if this was a proper realease or what. But what I can do is hook you up with tracks 5,6 and 13 when I get a chance. And hopefully, you can return the favor and upload tracks 16 and 20 wherever.

I may get around to doing this tonight, if not the next couple of days. Thanks for fillin me on that track list though.

Anonymous said...

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